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Raleigh, NC is home to many species of beetles. Although some are harmless, others can damage your home. Beetles can also be helpful for the environment because they dispose of rotting wood. They have bad eyesight and two sets of wings. In our area, our clients primarily encounter longhorn beetles, ground beetles, and powder post beetles. When you find them on your property, call us so we can tackle the problem.

Reasons You Have Beetles

Beetles are attracted to properties that have certain debris. If you leave leaf piles, firewood, and rotting wood laying around your yard, there is a good chance that beetles are going to come. If you leave your outside lights on at night, the lights will attract beetles.

Primary Health Concerns

You can sleep soundly knowing that beetles are not dangerous. They usually don’t bite or transmit illnesses. Unfortunately, they can create other problems. For instance, some species have been known to damage wood items. They’ll chew through your wood beams and make your home unsafe. Get rid of them before the damage increases.

Eradicating An Infestation Of Beetles

Unfortunately, dealing with beetles won’t be easy. Once they’ve invaded your property, it is pertinent to call our Raleigh NC office. Our technicians will be ready to help you combat this problem.

DIY Solutions For Beetles

You can always try fixing the problem on your own, but you likely won’t have much success. The necessary treatment for beetles is complex and time-consuming. Therefore, you’re likely going to have difficulty handling the problem on your own. You also must worry about you’re going to expose your loved ones to dangerous chemicals. Stay away from DIY methods because the risks are too high.

When Can Someone Get Here?

Contact our Raleigh experts as soon as possible. Once you’ve called us, you’ll likely wait for 24 to 48 hours before we call you back.

Our Treatments Are Always Safe

We require our technicians to follow strict protocols when eliminating beetles for our clients. We make sure that our technicians do nothing that could pose any health hazards to you or your loved ones. The techniques we use are safe around people and pets. We use products that have been thoroughly checked and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Contact our Raleigh office to learn about the steps we’ll take to keep you safe.

The Cost Of Our Beetle Services

The cost of our service is never universal. Instead, it changes from one client to another. We’ll need to check your home and situation before we can give you a bid price. When we’re using the standard services, the price will depend on the size of your property. You’ll receive a bid price before the procedure begins. Remember that you always have the right to refuse our price. Call us to get a free estimate right away.

Preventing Beetle Invasions

Unfortunately, it is difficult to stop beetles from entering your home. They’ll slip through the smallest gaps and holes, so be sure to block them soon.

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