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Steam Treatment

Steam treatments have grown in popularity because they’re effective, reliable, and safe. We often prefer using steam because it can kill bedbugs and other crawling pests. You’ll appreciate that it’ll be able to eradicate bedbugs at all life stages, including adults, babies, and eggs. When used correctly, nothing will be able to survive our steam treatments.

While it is just now starting to become commonplace in the American pest industry, it has been utilized extensively in other parts of the world. Plus, it has proven effective in various situations. Steam is reliable in many situations and often outperforms conventional treatments.

How Does Steam Kill Bed Bugs?

After extensive research, it has been discovered that bed bugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Most crawling insects can’t stand up to extreme amounts of heat for that matter. When these bugs are exposed to specific temperatures, it causes their internal organs to shut down. It’s a recipe for instant death. That’s just one of the reasons this treatment is so effective. Thanks to its effectiveness, steam is becoming a more popular option.

Bedbug steam treatments are like clothes steamers. However, it is vital to understand that there are differences between the two. Clothes steamers remove wrinkles from clothes and do not get nearly as hot as bedbug steamers. Therefore, you should never try to use a clothes steamer to eliminate the bedbugs in your home.

Those types of machines don’t produce hot enough temperatures to eradicate bed bugs. Instead, you need to contact a professional exterminator. With their bedbug steam machines, you can guarantee that they’ll eradicate the bugs quicker than you could when renting a machine.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Above all else, one of the main reasons for the popularity growth is its eco-friendly properties. This treatment is virtually nothing more than water and heat. It doesn’t utilize any pesticides or chemicals at all. As a result, it is a much safer option than conventional treatments. It can be used around food items, whereas traditional pesticides cannot. Remember that it is a kill-on-contact treatment so residents can come back onto the property immediately after the treatment is administered.

This steam treatment can also be used to permeate walls, cracks, holes, and into electrical outlets. Any bedbugs hiding inside will be eliminated. Traditional liquid chemicals and pesticides cannot reach these areas because they’d make a mess. The heat treatment is more viable in a lot of situations where other treatments can’t be applied.

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