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As members of the Dermaptera order, earwigs are small pests with long bodies and cerci. Their cerci are appendages on both sides of their abdomen. They look like pinchers, and they’ll use them for this purpose. They can pinch people from time to time. The size of their cerci ranges significantly. In some cases, they can be a third of the size of their body. Some earwigs do not have wings, but others do. The species that have wings will have two sets. Earwig bodies are dark brown or reddish-brown. Most of them can reach half an inch, but others are only a quarter of an inch.

The Saint Helena Giant Earwig is one of the largest earwigs on the planet. Although they’re not in our area, they can reach three inches. There is a myth that earwigs are going to climb in earwigs and burrow in brains. Don’t worry because this won’t happen.

Causes Of Earwig Invasions

You’re likely wondering why earwigs have decided to enter your home. Ultimately, these pests want to enter your home to get out of the hot weather. They do not like hot, dry weather. Instead, they prefer dark, damp, warm areas. Once they’ve found a way to enter your home or business, they’ll find plenty of suitable places to hide. One thing to know about earwigs is that they’re nocturnal. Therefore, these pests tend to remain hidden during the day. When it gets dark, they’re going to try to find insects to eat.

They tend to consume arthropods such as fleas and mites. If fleas or mites have invaded your home, earwigs are likely coming to come too.

Can Earwigs Hurt You?

You’re likely concerned that the earwigs in your home are going to hurt you. Rest assured knowing that the myths are not true. They’re not going to burrow in your brain. They can use their cerci to pinch your skin, but they’re not strong enough to pierce the skin. Even when they do this, you can sleep soundly knowing that they’re not going to inject venom into their victims. The primary concern with earwigs is that they’re going to damage your plants. Eliminate them before they destroy your blossoms.

Finding A Way To Eliminate Earwigs

Once you’ve found earwigs in your home, it is pertinent to find a solution to the problem. Start by trying to get rid of earwigs around your home. If you can reduce the earwig population outside, you might stop them from entering your home. Target the two things that earwigs are attracted to. They like moisture and light. Change your outdoor lights to sodium vapor yellow lights because earwigs do not like them as much. Never use white, mercury vapor, or neon lights since earwigs like them more. You’ll also need to eliminate their entry points.

Look for gaps around your windows, door, pipes, and cables. If you find any cables, be sure to seal them immediately. Properly seal your home’s exterior walls and earwigs will have a harder time sneaking inside.

When Can Someone Call Me?

We’re ready to begin helping you. Don’t delay picking up the phone and calls us. Once you’ve called us, we’re going to contact you back within 24 to 48 hours.

We Offer Safe Earwig Treatments

Our Raleigh exterminators work diligently to ensure that our clients are safe. We never use potentially dangerous products because we sincerely care about your health. We always try to fix the problem using the safest natural solutions. However, we may need to depend on conventional methods. You’re likely worried about the risks, but you shouldn’t be. We’ve trained our technicians to ensure that they’re going to use the safest products safely. Our technicians know how to remedy the problem while protecting the client, their animals, and their loved ones.

Since we only use EPA-registered products, you can guarantee that everyone in your house will be protected.

Preventing Earwigs From Invading Your Home

It can be difficult to eliminate earwigs. Therefore, it is best to prevent them from entering your home. If you can do that, you can avoid the headache of working with an exterminator. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run. Start by switching your exterior lights to sodium vapor yellow lights. These lights are less attractive to these pests. You’ll also need to clean up your yard to get rid of debris, woodpiles, and leaf piles. Once you’ve done this, earwigs won’t have any reason to approach your property. Don’t forget to block small gaps around your exterior walls. Do this and you might not need to use our earwig treatments. Eliminate moisture problems by ensuring your gutters are working properly.

Deal with water leaks too. Just remember that we’re always here to help our Raleigh clients. If earwigs invade your home, call us so we can help you.

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