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Eco-Friendly Treatments

Unfortunately, the need for eco-friendly solutions is growing more prevalent in Raleigh and other US cities.  This is kind of a good thing, as it is forcing the industry to seek new alternative solutions. Pesticides and chemicals are still a go-to solution for pests these days and will likely always be. However, there are some specific bugs like bed bugs that are growing immune to these substances. It is either taking harsher chemicals or more applications of the treatments to kill them.

What it basically comes down to is, exposing the environment to more harsh chemicals pose many dangers. This is where the need for greener pest control treatments comes into play. This need is growing in demand throughout the American pest control industry. Our Raleigh, North Carolina location has already started seeking alternative solutions. Not only are we now offering a handful of all-natural pesticide treatments, but we are also offering some of the more well-known eco-friendly options.  

Now, we’ll be the first to tell you, just because we are offering these solutions, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be your best option. Therefore, it pays to know everything you possibly can about all available pest control products. This will only help you determine whether these treatments are suitable for your specific pest infestation needs and preferences.

When it comes to pest control, it’s all about choosing the most effective strategies, which is our specialty. We want to make sure you get the infestation fully eradicated in the shortest duration. If not, there is a potential for the infestation to spread. This is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. They end up spreading the infestation.

Safe For Everyone Involved

Any time there are pets or children involved, safety is our number one concern. This is especially true for pest control strategies that utilize chemical pesticides. You’ll be glad to learn that our eco-friendly solutions pose little to no risks for children, pets, and adults.

Our eco-friendly solutions are naturally going to cost more than our traditional pesticide treatments, but there are quite a few perks. One perk is fewer home visits from our pest control experts. Another perk is quicker full eradication of bed bug infestation of all severity levels.

Our eco-friendly solutions don’t have residual effects, which can be seen as a good and bad thing. Most people see it as a good thing because it means they can come right back onto the property immediately following each treatment.

Our Eco-Friendly Solutions

The key aspect to understanding our eco-friendly treatments is understanding how they work.


This is a treatment that utilized compressed CO2. It freezes bugs on contact, shutting down their vital, internal organs.

Steam Treatments 

This type of treatment is like cryonite. The only difference is this one utilizes steam to dehydrate the bugs and shut down their internal organs.

Heat Treatments

This one also involves heat, but it is a displaced heat. It involves bringing special equipment into the home to raise the temperatures to 118 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Maintaining these temperatures for ninety minutes or more will ensure the overall efficiency of the treatment.

30-Day Follow-Up Treatments

Although most of our eco-friendly offerings are kill-on-contact, we always offer a 30-day follow-up visit. This means that after the initial treatment, we come back out to the property a month later. During this visit, we’ll evaluate the property and make sure the pests have been eradicated.

If you want to learn more about these treatments and how they work, you can always give our offices a call. We have pest professionals standing by and ready to assist. If you need emergency assistance, you can give us a call and we will get someone out to the property immediately.

Whatever you need, do not hesitate to call our Raleigh location to request your free eco-friendly consultation. We offer these services to all Raleigh property owners, tenants, landlords, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and industrial manufacturers.

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