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Fleas are common pests in our area, and they’re incredibly problematic. There is always a possibility that you’re going to encounter fleas. When this happens, you need to eradicate them swiftly. Otherwise, they’re going to ruin the lives of your precious pets. In some cases, they can spread typhus and other dangerous illnesses. Plus, severe infestations of fleas can be fatal. Contact us and we’ll assemble a solution to fix the problem before it worsens.

The Cat Flea Is Common In Raleigh NC

You must remember that the United States is home to several species of fleas. Some are more common than others. In our area, the most common flea species are cat fleas. During adulthood, cat fleas can grow up to an eighth of an inch. They’re slim, thin, and flat. Thanks to their body shape and size, these pests can easily maneuver through body hair and fur without getting caught. Try to grab them with your fingers, but you won’t have any success. Since they’re called cat fleas, many people believe they’re only going to target cats. Ultimately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Besides attacking cats, they’re also going to go after raccoons, dogs, skunks, and opossums. They’re not picky.

In some cases, they’ll enter buildings that don’t have pets.

Worried About Flea Bites?

You’re likely worried about fleabites and you should be. Unfortunately, these pests can create immense problems for homeowners and business owners. You’ll find that they primarily target pets. Once your dog or cat attracts fleas, they’re going to begin scratching around the clock. If it isn’t dealt with, your dog may begin losing hair because they’re constantly scratching. Another thing to note is that a large infestation can lead to anemia, severe blood loss, and death. Fleas can spread tapeworms and certain sicknesses.

Avoiding Flea Infestations

Ultimately, it is difficult to eliminate a flea infestation. They reproduce rapidly so you’ll have to eliminate adult fleas, baby fleas, and eggs. Once they’ve settled into your home, dealing with the problem will be incredibly difficult. Therefore, we recommend taking steps to keep these pests out. If you can do this, you can achieve a future headache. Still, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to keep them out. Use the tips below to try to stop them from invading your dwelling.

  • Be cautious when adopting a new pet. There is always a risk that the animal will have fleas. If it does, you’re going to bring fleas into your home. Then, your other pets will get fleas too.
  • It is wise to ensure that your pets use anti-parasite medications regularly. Make sure these products are designed to control and prevent fleas.
  • Mow your grass regularly. You should never let your grass grow over three inches in length.
  • Stop animals from getting under your porch. Install a fence to prevent this from happening.
  • When wild animals approach your home, don’t feed them.
  • Constantly check your pets and their items for fleas and flea dirt.

Remember that fleas could still enter your home. It is wise to take these steps, but you also need to be ready for fleas to invade your home. Teaming up with a qualified professional is recommended. Write down our number so we can help right away.

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