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Heat Treatment

Organic pest management solutions and treatments are growing in popularity these days. When you look at everything these treatments could potentially bring to the table, it is easy to understand why this is the case. This is especially true when you consider a treatment like the thermal heat treatment. Bed bugs are a tough bunch, and it will take a tough approach to fully eradicate them from a property.

There simply is no tougher bed bug treatment available today than the thermal heat treatment. At least, an argument could be made for this. Some might disagree, but there is no denying that heat treatments are becoming more and more of a go-to bed bug solution for infected homeowners. To discover whether the treatment is right for you or not, you’ll want to learn more about the treatment and what it has to offer.

How Does Thermal Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

As you’ve probably already gathered from the name of the treatment, this is one that utilizes heat. That’s pretty much what it does. The whole treatment is based on the theory of raising the temperatures in the home to 118 degrees Fahrenheit and maintaining them. Maintaining these temperatures will be key, but more will be discussed in-depth in the content provided below. Right now, you need to know that thermal heat involves bringing specialized equipment onto the property.

This equipment will then be placed strategically throughout the infected rooms. When all are installed, the temperatures will be raised to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme amounts of heat kill bed bugs in all phases of the life cycle (adult, egg, nymph, and larvae). What’s even more impressive, it will reach every section of the home, where the machines are installed.

It doesn’t matter if the bugs are hiding in the mattress, in the box springs, under the kitchen countertop, in electrical outlets, or behind baseboards, they will be impacted. There are no two other ways about it when it comes to thermal heat.

Properly Maintaining The Temperatures

As previously mentioned, it will be key to maintain at least 118 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the impacted home. If there are too many drops or fluctuations in the temperature, the treatment will simply be less effective. Therefore, our techs go the extra mile when they perform the heat treatment. We also bring in specialized monitors or thermostats that allow us to properly monitor and maintain the temperature setting.

As soon as the temperature drops a single degree, our techs are notified, giving them the ability to jump in there and make all the necessary adjustments or changes. If these temperatures are not maintained consistently for a period of ninety minutes or more, the treatment will be rendered ineffective.

Evacuating The Property And Removing Heat-Sensitive Items

As you can likely already see, there are a lot of upsides to the thermal heat treatment. However, there are also some downsides that some people tend to overlook. And these are the ones that will make the biggest differences in the world. One downside is you will have to evacuate the property before the treatment is initiated. This really isn’t that big of a deal, but it bothers some homeowners. Indeed, people do get in saunas and exposed themselves to temperatures greater than 118 degrees Fahrenheit every day. But the thermal heat utilized to eradicate bed bugs is completely different.

However, they only expose themselves for a few minutes at a time. We are talking ninety constant minutes here. This would be enough to do severe damage to anyone. In addition to this, there are some items that might have to be removed from the home. Any clothing or furniture that is considered heat-sensitive will have to be removed from the property before the start of the treatment.

Whether you have questions about the treatment, want to speak to a tech about other pest management solutions, or just need emergency services, you can always feel free to give our Raleigh, North Carolina extermination team a call. Our customer support is always on standby to answer your thermal heat bed bug treatment questions.

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