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Cryonite Treatment

Are you one of the many residents of Raleigh, North Carolina who just detected bed bugs in your home or business? If so, you’ve likely scoured the Internet searching for home remedies and treatments. Hopefully, you haven’t tried any over-the-counter pesticides or insecticides. These products tend to push bed bugs into the surrounding areas that are not yet infested.

Forcing the bed bugs to other parts of the home will lead to a more severe infestation. The more severe the bed bug infestation, the more complex the pest control strategy must be. If special precautions are not taken to prevent the spread of bed bugs further into your home, you could be facing extra expenses that could have been avoided.

You’ll essentially end up with a full home infestation, as opposed to a one-room infestation. All in all, you need a fast-acting treatment that kills bed bugs on contact. You need cryonite treatment.

Cryonite utilizes CO2 “carbon dioxide”, which works by freezing bed bugs to death. When applied per the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is possible to eradicate bed bugs on contact by causing a shutdown of a vital organs. Still not convinced cryonite is right for you and your family?

How Does Cryonite Kill Bed Bugs?

Cryonite is essentially more than CO2 in a canister. It comes out of the canister at extremely low temperatures in a gas state. When it makes direct contact with the bed bugs, it causes hypothermia and eventually death.

Since cryonite is administered as a gas, it bypasses the liquid process altogether.  At this point, the cryonite snow can be applied in a lot of areas where traditional chemical treatments are not viable.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficiency throughout the treatment process. Our cutting-edge sprayers, with wand and 90-degrees nozzle, it is possible to make direct contact with the bed bugs. The equipment also helps to ensure the carbon dioxide snow can penetrate into hard-to-reach areas, where bed bugs are notorious for hiding.

Why Cryonite Makes Sense!

Still not convinced, this innovative bed bug treatment is right for you. We highly recommend more research and a comparison of cryonite and thermal heat or steam, all of which are eco-friendly bed bug treatments.

Cryonite is still slightly new to the American pest control market. However, it has been extensively utilized throughout the United Kingdom and parts of Australia. It’s been utilized in these countries for about a decade, delivering one of the most effective bed bug extermination. It is a tried and proven means of pest management. In addition to all this, here are some other reasons that the cryonite treatment makes sense:

  • It can be used anywhere and at anytime
  • It is chemical-free, utilizing CO2, instead
  • There is no residual effect, meaning residents can safely come right back on the property
  • It kills all bed bugs in all phases of the life cycle (adults, eggs, nymphs, and larvae)
  • It may reduce the usual number of exterminator visits
  • There is no production downtime

Whether you have questions about the cryonite treatment or maybe you just want to learn more about pest management solutions, you can always free feel to give our Raleigh, North Carolina offices a call. We always have techs standing by, ready, willing, and able to answer anything and everything you might have in mind. In need of emergency services? We have people available for this as well. All you must do is pick up the phone to contact our customer support team in Raleigh.

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