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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsHave you heard about some of the most recently discovered benefits of essential oils? Aromatherapists, along with acupuncturists and a slew of other medical professionals are incorporating these powerful substances into a broad range of treatment strategies. Some are using peppermint oil as a means of relaxation. Others are using lavender and ginger to treat mild pain. Some are even using them to treat nervousness and anxiety. Whatever the situation, it seems essential oils can be used to aid in a handful of medical practices. Some researchers and scientists have spouted about using specific essential oils’ unique properties to ward off bed bugs and other creepy crawlers. It seems they might even be effective.  Manufacturers already have some popular essential oil repellents on the market, which they are gaining quite the notoriety. Your interest in the subject likely led you here. However, this is still a new concept and as with anything new, there are bound to be some myths and misconceptions. Unfortunately, this is no different and that’s why it pays to look at the unique properties of the scents you are considering.

Natural Nymph Pheromone

Scientists have been trying to replicate the powerful bed bug nymph pheromone repellent for decades to no avail. Fortunately, there is no hope, thanks to essential oils, which contain properties believed to be a natural bed bug repellent. There is one popular bed bug repellent on the market that is taking the industry by storm. It’s a product that utilizes essential oils to replicate nymph pheromones. The pheromone is a natural scent that comes from the baby bed bug. The baby bed bug emits the pheromone from its glands to ward off adult males. Although the product is limited in its effectiveness, it has proven quite useful in some situations. More research is needed to determine its true effectiveness in keeping bed bugs at bay. Naturalists continue to delve into the properties of essential oils for this very reason. The pheromone is a natural scent, produced by the baby bed bug. The nymph emits the pheromone from its glands to ward off adult males. Adult male bed bugs are prolific breeders, they’ll try to mate with bed bugs in all stages of the life cycle, including the nymph. Unfortunately, this is a crippling and traumatic event for the nymph, as it can sometimes leave them near death. Therefore, they naturally secrete the pheromone from their glands. It’s a form of protection that wards off the males. Although extremely effective, it only works for adult males. The natural pheromone does not impact adult females or other nymphs. Very interesting stuff and you should be able to easily see where the myths and misconceptions could build from this.

Essential Oils And Bed Bug Extermination

Researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture partnered with researchers at Rutgers University to undertake a separate study. The researchers wanted to determine if essential oils could be a natural alternative to chemical bed bug pesticides. What they discovered was equally as interesting as the nymph pheromone. All in all, it comes down to this, essential oils are an effective bed bug toxin. What makes this research so important is environmentalists and people who are minimizing their carbon footprint can rely on essential oils to eradicate bed bugs. The study focused on essential oils – paraffin and silicone. Researchers combined 1 part silicone essential oil, with 3 parts of water. The concoction was applied directly to live bed bugs in all phases of the life cycle. The same formula was utilized to concoct a paraffin essential oil solution as well. Researchers reported positive results for both essential oils as natural bed bug pesticides.

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