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Box Elder Bugs

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Box elder bugs are small, black, and commonly found in Raleigh NC. Their black wings have unique red lines. When they reach adulthood, boxelder bugs can grow up to half an inch in length. During the warm months, boxelder bugs remain outside and feed on cherry trees, ash trees, and boxelder trees.

Boxelder Bug Invasion Causes

Boxelder bugs fit into the overwintering pest category, so they’ll try to enter your home in late summer. They don’t want to be stuck outside during the cold weather. Instead, they’ll sneak into your home and take shelter. Although they’re not dangerous, they’re going to be a nuisance. Remember that they’ll slip into your home using the smallest holes, gaps, and crevices.

How Dangerous Are Boxelder Bugs?

Although some people think otherwise, boxelder bugs are not dangerous. They do not damage homes or belongings, and they’re not going to make you sick. Nevertheless, they will be a nuisance. Get rid of these annoying pests promptly.

Eliminating Boxelder Bug Infestations

Boxelder bugs want to enter your home and stay there until winter is over. As a result, they’re going to hide exceptionally well. Unfortunately, this makes them difficult to get rid of. Once you’ve found these overwintering pests in your home, call us to learn more about our services. We’re confident that our residential pest control services are the best way to deal with boxelder bug infestations.

Removing Boxelder Bugs On Your Own

Treating boxelder bug infestations will be complex, difficult, and time-consuming. It won’t be easy to resolve this problem. It isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Although you can try, you likely won’t have a lot of success using DIY methods. Do-it-yourself techniques aren’t as effective as our services. We’ll use the latest and safest products to tackle the problem. With DIY methods, you’re taking a big risk.

We’re Eager To Help

Don’t delay picking up the phone and call us. Once you’ve done that, we’ll call you in a maximum of 48 hours.

Our Methods Rely On EPA-Approved Products

We always work diligently to ensure that our clients are going to be safe. We would never use unproven, unsafe chemicals in our clients’ homes. We specifically selected safe products that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our technicians follow our rigorous protocols to ensure that everyone is going to be protected. Are you interested in learning more about the techniques we use to keep you safe? Call us to learn more right now.

Preventing Boxelder Bug Problems

Try keeping boxelder bugs out of your home. The best way to do this is by sealing your exterior walls before the cold winter months arrive. Once you’ve done that, the risks will be diminished.

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