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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Known Hiding Locations For Bed Bugs

When it comes right down to it, the bed bug isn’t a picky or discriminatory insect. It is one of the most opportune insects out there and will take up residence just about anywhere it can. However, there are some known locations that these bugs prefer to others. Whether it is because these locations make them feel safe or provide quick and easy access to their hosts, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you know where to look so you can determine you do indeed have a bed bug infestation on your hands and get the ball rolling on the elimination. Here are some places you’ll want to start your search:

Bed Linen And Mattress

Anyone with a little knowledge of the bed bug species know they are problematic for humans and animals. The insect feeds on blood at least once a week, more often when a host is accessible. Like the flea and tick, the bed bug has a favorite prey, which is the vulnerable human. Yes, the human is the bed bug’s most preferred victim. Why? Scientists and entomologists have no idea, but believe it has to do with the unique characteristic of human blood. Histamine, a chemical, is naturally produced by white blood cells. Histamine plays a major role in the human immune response, even though it draws the parasitic bed bug to humans. The insects are also drawn to other substances generated by the human body. Heat and carbon dioxide are generated, while the human is sleeping. These two substances are how the bed bug knows where the host sleeps and when the host is asleep. With this said, bed bugs are drawn to where the host sleeps due to heat and carbon dioxide. Once the insect locates its host’s mattress, it never plans to leave.

Nightstands And Bedside Tables

Installed in the bedroom, dark, cozy, with access to tons of other potential hiding locations. Is it any question as to why the bed bug would take up residence in a nightstand? It shouldn’t be and there is no question that this will be one of the harder locations to scour. You’ll have to be extremely thorough and meticulous when checking nightstands. Nearly everyone has a nightstand, overnight table, or bedside table. The piece of furniture plays a major role in the organization, easy access to important assets, such as a TV remote, and better aesthetics. When the host’s mattress becomes overcrowded for the bed bug, the bedside table will be the next target.

Electrical Devices

What home today doesn’t have at least two or three electrical devices or electronics? PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or TVs. None of these locations are impervious to the bed bug. These critters likely are attracted to the warmth from the circuit boards, as this is the first place they’ll go. With their potential to cause electrical shorts or other wiring damage, you do not want these pests in your electrical devices. As mentioned previously, bed bugs are drawn to heat. Did you know electronics and other electrical-powered devices generate heat? Well, they do, which is why they are targeted by bed bugs during an infestation. Like cockroaches, bed bugs are drawn to the heat generated by electric devices. This is especially true for electrical-powdered devices in proximity of the host’s bed. During the professional inspection, our exterminators assess electronics in the host’s bedroom.

Places You Might Not Think To Look

The places mentioned above are all known hiding locations for these bugs. Unfortunately, there are some more off-the-wall places that these bugs will also take up residence. It will be knowing these places and how to search for them that will likely make the biggest difference in your level of success.

Storage Containers

Bed bugs exhibit deceptive behavior, following home infiltration. One bed bug hiding place that property owners oftentimes overlook is storage containers. The containers utilized to store stuffed animals, clothing, drapery, tablecloths, and bed linen are more commonly targeted than containers utilized for other purposes. If you constantly find yourself storing items away when traveling, you are guaranteed to encounter bed bugs at some point. This is especially true when utilizing vulnerable storage containers. What is a bed bug-vulnerable storage container? Any unsealed storage container is vulnerable to bed bugs and other insect species Utilizing units with resealable lids will ensure 100 percent protection for the contents against bed bugs.

Rarely Used Clothing And Stuffed Toys

Bed bugs are adamant about living near their hosts to ensure quick and easy access to blood meals. With this said, an infestation creates problems for bed bugs. One problem is overcrowding, forcing bed bugs to search for new hiding places that are still close to the host’s sleeping area. Like the fibers of mattresses, box springs, drapery, and carpets, bed begs will seed refuge in boxes of stuffed toys and unused clothing and footwear. It is crucial to protect these items in storage by sealing the containers. Utilize lids with seals that are reused.

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